Casascius Physical Bitcoins Database

TypeFundedAll coins/bars that were funded including opened ones.OpenedCoins/bars with opened holograms and the embedded bitcoins spent.Bitcoins IntactAmount of bitcoins stored in the coins.
Open coins are not included.
USD ValueThe USD value of the embedded bitcoins plus the USD value of the precious metal if applicable.
1 BTC Coin12,8201,84910,971$1,462,950
5 BTC Coin1,2512075,220$696,071
25 BTC Coin81026813,550$1,806,852
100 BTC Gold Plated Bar137716,600$880,090
500 BTC Gold Plated Bar21500$66,673
1000 BTC Gold Plated Bar16133,000$400,041
10 BTC Silver Round489544,350$590,364Value from embedded bitcoins: $580,059
Value from precious metal: $10,305
1000 BTC Gold Coin523,000$404,340Value from embedded bitcoins: $400,041
Value from precious metal: $4,299
Total15,5302,46547,191$6,307,386Value from embedded bitcoins: $6,292,781
Value from precious metal: $14,604
Unused Addresses13,470
Total Addresses29,000

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Last updated 3 years ago ~ block 304821All addresses are checked up to this block.
btc price: $133.35 ~ gold price: $1433.10 ~ silver price: $23.69

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